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Q & A
  • I have the domain name, but I don't have a website.  Can I have an email as
    • Yes, we can transfer your domain name to our DNS server and you can have any email name attached to your domain name.  This can be forwarded to the email which you have already from your ISP or from any other sources.
  • I do not have a domain name.  Can I have an email address?
    • Yes, you can have a new email address. But in this case the email address will be (if available)  or where "xxx" is the number of the other individuals with the same name.  This email address can be forwarded to any email address of your choice.
  • I do not have a domain name, but I like to have an email as
    Is this possible?
    • In your situation you have to establish a domain name - "". If this domain name is available, then you can have your email address as   If it is unavailable, then we will do everything possible to register your domain name under a different extension.  We believe you will be satisfied.  We can register domain names in 24 countries. 
  • If I'll order domain name, do I will be able to access email from my computer?
    • Yes. You can access your mail from any computer 
    • Address may be as:  net or org
    • You can have up to 4 email addresses.
  • Is this service expensive?
    • The average price for this service is from $60.00 to $130.00 / Year.  Our price is only $25.00 / Year

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