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Q & A

  • I have a free 5 MB of space on the Internet from a  local ISP. Can point my new domain name to this space?
    • Yes, we can forward your new domain name to any address on the Internet.
  • I already have a domain name and virtual server, but I'm paying to much.  Can your company take over this domain name and forward to my new space in a community built website?
    • If the domain name belongs to you, then we can transfer this name to our DNS server and forward to any address.
  • Do I need to make some modification to my website before will forward my domain name?
    • No, you do not. In fact, we can forward as many domain names as you wish to your website or particular pages.
  • Can forward any domain name to another address on the Internet?
    • No, we can only forward domain names which were registered through our company or which we can transfer to our DNS servers.  Some registrars are not allowing others to keep their domain names. 
  • Is URL forwarding free of charge?
    • Sorry, but this service requires a special setup as well as constant monitoring and we have to charge a small fee for each domain name.  The industry standard charge for URL forwarding is $50.00 to $90.00 per year. 
      Our fee is only $25.00 per year.
  • How can I order this service?
    • Just follow the link located on the bottom of this page,  answer few simple questions and submit form to us.


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